Calum worthy and laura marano dating

At first, we couldn’t believe it, since Vanessa is so stunning in all of her red carpet and photo shoot pics.

But then we realized what Laura meant – it’s not that V doesn’t look good in her selfies, it’s that …

Season 4 premiered on January 18, 2015 at 8pm ET/PT.

On February 6, , who portrays Ally Dawson, revealed that Season 4 would be the show's last season.

To your fangirl heart, it feels like it's been eons since you last saw your fave musical duo jam out on screen in a new episode. They do things all best friends do — including surprise each other at work on their birthdays.

To help Laura Marano celebrate the big 2-1 on Tuesday, Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy snuck into Radio Disney while she was on duty, bearing giant gold balloons and a red-frosted layer cake. Though Raini Rodriguez couldn't make it (except in spirit) , Laura's sister Vanessa got in on the fun by standing in for Raini in the adorable group photo.

They both are pretty different, but that's what makes them best friends.

Laura and Ross's animal should be a dog because they both like dogs and people say Ross has puppy-dog eye.

The current relationship status of Calum Worthy is not known. I would go into a store and the salesclerks would give me an attitude, or sneer because I was asking for a size they didn't carry.

OK, so maybe you'd rather they reunite for a movie that follows Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez's lives together after the series finale.

Laura Marano is known for sharing tons of fun tidbits of her life with her fans all thanks to social media, so when she reaches certain milestones, she can’t help but post it for her millions of loyal followers to see. Laura revealed her totally unexpected hobby, and it’s all about babies. Once upon a time, Laura Marano once revealed that her older sister Vanessa Marano is terrible at taking selfies.

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