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It was a heaping dose of TMZ-fueled gossip, but Brooke herself wasn't at the root of either scandal, prompting the question of what exactly Brooke needs to be redeemed from on her Redemption.

The answer is as unclear as the reason why she chose to immortalize herself as a '70s van mural for the album's artwork, and these are the only mysteries on Redemption, for Brooke Hogan is a pretty simple, sweet girl who only wants love and understanding.

Born on May in 1988, Brooke Hogan is a well-known Hollywood actress and producer.

Brooke was engaged to Phil Costa, a longtime boyfriend of hers, until they called off the engagement in 2013.

It's his first trip back to his hometown since the world learned he is gay on Brooke's show, and he wonders if family and friends will accept him.

Brooke and Ashley accompany him for emotional support and learn some lessons about life on the farm.

Her fans can follow her on Twitter and get updates from her by her tweets. Apart from that, her sexy bikini pictures can also be downloaded from the internet.

More information about her can be found on IMDb as well.

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