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He also won a coveted role in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings as did his team-mate, Craig Parker who was well known for his long stint on Shortland Street before moving onto Young Hercules.

Ginette Mc Donald whips her crew into shape on Ground Force with a few well-placed comments but she is of course renowned for her Lyn of Tawa character.

It's about an amazing film that people love and an amazing story that people love.

It's about being involved in that." Dressing up, castles, battle scenes and fantasy. However, Craig wasn't as enthusiastic about being blonde.

"Maybe at some stage but I'm quite lazy in that I love my life here.

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"I thought it would be useful to have some qualifications under my belt," says Miriama (25).

TV Guide gave the actors who play the father-and-son duo a therapy session.:"They can just turn on each other in an instant.

They are very well tuned into each other and yet there's a lot they don't know about each other.

Since then she's been treading the boards in Auckland and has become a force to be reckoned with on the debate circuit.

Marcus Lush is known throughout the country for his skills as a talkback host.

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