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A few weeks before my subscription expired, I went onto the site to disable my profile but decided instead to leave it there until it expired.

As an interim move, I deleted my personal summary and replaced it with the following:“This is my last few weeks here.

Hasn’t been much of a productive place for me to meet anyone interesting so I’m not going to keep flushing my $$ down the can. ”I did not expect to receive any responses to this, but I was quite mistaken!

Overnight, I received about twenty times the number of messages I usually receive.

Ben Way — known for starring on Bravo’s short-lived, Randi Zuckerberg-produced reality series “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” and for penning an online essay alleging an ex-girlfriend stabbed him with a stiletto — is, naturally, helping to launch a dating app.

We hear Way has teamed with matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg and therapist Harville Hendrix on something called the Real Reveal, to launch in May.

He is tall, and I guess that people could assume he is my partner since we’re all bundled up and they can’t see his 13-year-old acne and orthodontia. I have noticed that quality men typically don’t proposition women who are with little kids; this is understandable and, frankly, appreciated.

As to the problem you have identified that men find me too intimidating, I honestly think that is their problem and not mine.

I am certainly not about to apologize for my success or my genetics.

“We loved watching Patti Stanger find love for so many people over the last 8 seasons on Bravo,” a spokesperson said in a statement for the network.

“We wish her the best with her new endeavors.” Her fellow Bravo-lebrities were sad to see her go.

“Stay tuned for exciting news as I move to a wonderful new network!

” PHOTOS: Stars who got their start on reality TV Stanger, 54, helmed the hit Bravo reality show and has helped to set up bold-faced names like Perez Hilton, Dina Lohan, and Kenya Moore over the years.

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