Boundries in teen dating

Having friends nearby can reduce the pressure kids may feel on a solo date.

Be direct, so trouble with focus doesn’t keep your teen from taking in what you’re saying.

Plus as Calgary psychologist Scott Wooding, author of three books on parenting teenagers, points out: “The more rules you set and stricter you are, the more energy it takes to enforce them.” Want your teen to pitch in more around the house? You’re more likely to get your teen’s buy-in if she has some say. “It’s amazing how sensible teens are when you give them some responsibility.” When you’re negotiating boundaries, make sure everyone is clear about expectations and time limits-be specific. “What we model, we often get back,” says Cathcart-Ross.

“If we’re going to be half an hour late coming home, we call our kids and tell them.

Is your teenager toeing the line, or out of control? Here's help from some parenting experts, including Dr.

Karyn Gordon, on how to establish boundaries and keep the peace on the home front. But he’s still struggling to develop his identity, and he craves the security that boundaries give him.

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