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What is the fee to charge at a Blink Level 2 station?Charging fees are set by kilowatt-hour ("k Wh" - a unit of energy typically used by electric utilities) or time, depending on what is permitted by the state, station ownership, and membership status.We are a proponent of k Wh pricing because it is usage-based and EV drivers pay fees based on the actual amount of power consumed during the charging session rather than the amount of time that the car is plugged into the station.Certain states permit k Wh pricing and others do not.: A Blink Code can be generated via the Blink Mobile App, at Blink, or by calling Blink Customer Support.If you're a Blink Member, you can also login to your Membership Portal and click "My Blink Codes." Use your generated Blink Code at any Blink charger by selecting, "," then follow on-screen instructions to begin charging.Do I have to be a Blink member to use the Blink chargers?Anyone can charge at a public charger, no membership required.

Blink DC Fast Chargers deliver the fastest EV charging rate currently available – capable of providing a full charge in fewer than 30 minutes.You can also initiate and view the status of your charging session on the Blink Mobile App.Additional charging stations can also be found on Car Charging's website.Your Blink In Card is associated with your Blink Member account and payment information.Drivers can receive or request a free Blink In Card by becoming a Blink Member.

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