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Moyer reveals that season six is very much about "identity" for many of the residents of Bon Temps, including Sookie and Bill."For Bill, we find out what this thing is that he's become and what it means and what it is to him," says Moyer.The Bellefleurs - who do not know he is the source of the income - initially warm to him before coming to dislike him, but he is still able to assist Portia Bellefleur during her murder investigation in Living Dead in Dallas.In Living Dead in Dallas Bill's middle name is given as Thomas, rather than Erasmus.According to IMDB, he’s previously starred in a lot of British television series.

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From what we've seen of season six already, it doesn't look like the two star-crossed lovers will be reuniting anytime soon, with Bill struggling to figure out what his new powers mean with a war between humans and vampires on teh horizon.Stephen Moyer obviously also keeps his private life private, because there is bupkus online about this guy.According to Us, Anna and Stephen have been a couple since they met filming the pilot episode.In 1865, he was made a vampire by Lorena, with whom he had a long and stormy relationship.Later in the book series, Bill discovers that he is related to the Bellefleur family in Bon Temps and secretly provides them with funds to aid in the repair of their ancestral home.

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