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It may be tempting to use your foodie’s measuring cup to scoop up some potting soil or kitty litter, but please don’t. If something innocently reads “milk,” get a grip and confirm the type.

Since chef knives are very personal, they should be treated with care and never strewn about. Whole, 2%, skim, soy, almond, cashew, condensed, evaporated? Dinner Plans Are a Big Deal Whether you’re planning to dine out or enjoy an intimate dinner at home, when you’re casually asked what you’re “in the mood for,” you should be ready to offer a thoughtful and specific suggestion. While your significant other may be a fantastic baker, never volunteer his or her services without asking first.

It’s mostly a pleasure to find yourself head-over-heels about someone who loves food, but it can also have its difficulties.

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Meeting for coffee on a first date is cheap and works well as a first date, but second and third dates often involve drinks and/or dinner so you need to be able to afford it.Guys can also spend a tremendous amount of time writing emails to women and going on first dates.I will teach both of you techniques to manage the time factor, but even with the techniques, 5 minutes a day is not going to cut it.You should be settled and aren’t about to move across the country to start grad school or a new job.You also need to have the time and not be working 100 hours a week on some massive project or have three jobs just to pay the rent.

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