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All box designs that are availble on this site correspond to the same, basic layout as shown below.

These designs are only for Dual 10's, 12's, 15's, and Single 18" enclosures, and all enclosures have been tuned down to a modest 33Hz.

Then, you need one other detail, a year of birth, a college name, to get you on your way. Today’s installment will focus on the tips that I got from Tinderites. What became clear is that most people I chatted with did basic web searching to figure out if somebody’s “coffee-worthy,” as one respondent put it.

If that’s as far as you want to dig, I’d add that Google, Linked In, Instagram and other sites have advanced search tools that are far better than the regular search box.

The PC is a few years old, works well, except for some recent minor technical issues, including not being able to complete a full ISO backup, although I can do a Windows Easy Transfer.

Apps I use are Lr3.6, Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Digital Editions 3, Picasa, Light Artist, GIMP2, Open Office the latest, IE11.0.9600, Firefox latest (which has been having problems for a while now for some reason; I think they may want me to upgrade to Chrome), Zune, Irfan View 4.28, Trend Micro Antivirus .

And, of course, the preinstalled apps, such as Disk Cleanup etc, although most have been removed.

I want to keep my Win7Starter machine until it crashes, and then I would install a new Seagate HD 250Gb.

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But the responses also generated some excellent tips. I came to believe that hiring editors at investigative shops should make the Tinder Test part of job interviews: “How many facts can you turn up on this guy’s in 30 minutes?

I updated from 803 to 913 successfully and without any problems.

You will need to go into the BIOS and change the settings to get them working again.

Congrats to Ethan Wolff-Mann, a reporter at Money, who did some serious Googling. In the meantime, send questions, ideas, and ribald insights to [email protected], or @txtianmiller.

His path — birth records in Baltimore to browsing my high school to random websites — eventually led to a Document Cloud page of an article that I had purchased from Harvard Business Review.

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