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I have been offered backdated documents in the course of litigation a dozen times or more in my career. Typically, they came from ordinary business people.

What’s more, not a single time did the proponent of the backdated document think it was even a little shady, and was totally surprised when I told them the backdated document was at best useless and potentially harmful. In business the notion that paperwork sometimes needs to catch up with the flow of products, services and money is absolutely ordinary.

Looked at as an attempt to deceive, no one would approve of backdating. Because most non-lawyers do not understand how different a trial or hearing is. So what should you do about a non-documented event? If you did it, or saw it, or know it, you can probably testify about it.You can make notes to aid your memory, just don’t represent they were made at the time of the event. Yes a document would be nice, but life doesn’t always give you what you want.Docu Sign® is The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.Our cloud platform lets you integrate with existing business systems quickly and easily, with open APIs that let you build additional functionality and scalability as your needs grow.Docu Sign’s Carrier Grade Architecture gives you the assurance of continuous system availability with zero maintenance downtime, bulletproof data integrity and resilient system performance.

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