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Ms Rickard said many people came into contact with scammers through dating websites."A lot of these sites are set up for Christian groups or particular groups which again add to that level of trust.

"We think there's a real responsibility on the sites to warn people about what the tell-tale signs of scammers are and also to do the behind the scenes work to keep the scammers off the sites.

for director Baz Luhrmann, Di Caprio, 36, has been a frequent guest at the Beach Haus nightclub, where he’s been loving “meeting the Aussie girls,” a club insider tells Australia’s WHO magazine.

The requests for more money came quickly over a six-week period and Jenny sent Gary about 0,000."We're seeing problems about not being clear about costs, hidden fees, great difficulty at cancelling contracts."It can be hard to find somewhere to complain, hard to find the terms and conditions."So those sorts of traditional consumer protection issues are rising also in relation to the dating and romance sites, we're also of course seeing scams."The web search is part of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network's (ICPEN) annual internet sweep, involving more than 50 consumer protection agencies around the world.The relationship progressed quickly, and as it became romantic Gary started asking Jenny for money."They were always based around the work he was doing, that his business, he had cash flow problems or something had gone wrong.

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