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मेरा लंड एक खड़ा था और दिमाग़ में सिर्फ़ चाची की जवानी ही दिख रही थी.

किसी तरह मैंने इन सब गंदी बातों से ध्यान हटाकर सो गया.

और अगर वो जाग गयी तो सोचेगी कि मैं नींद में हूँ और कुछ नहीं कहेंगी. As I drove around town thinking 'where would I pick up a man who would like to get naughty'? I wasn't really paying attention, then I noticed flashing red lights behind me. An officer came up to the car and told me that I had ran a stop sign. She had become the ultimate white Jezebel for the men.And Jezebel had a very special meaning for these African men...

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