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This remote LAN source 114 may be, for example, the CNN WWW server, and the content may be a multimedia Web page from the CNN Web site.The flow diagram illustrates the operation of a system with two levels of caching (a first level at the modified head-end 120 level and a second level at the RDC 118 level).

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A system and method for sharing access to an internet protocol (IP) network among multiple internet service providers (ISPs) uses multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). Since the headend of the LSP has knowledge of all of the LSPs available on the backbone 124, the headend can select the best path to reach a particular ISP.11 begins when an end-user system 124 requests 1102 content from a remote LAN source 114.9, including two back office computers 904 connected by array controllers 906 to a back office disk array 908.Although implemented in the BOS 128, the office subscription server 1022 may also be implemented in the NOC 126.11 is a flow diagram of a preferred method for providing data requested by a user to their system 124.

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