Arg dating

Amy begins to have second thoughts about her blossoming relationship with Kirk, whilst Lauren G gives a nod to all the designers at her event but deliberately leaves Lucy out.

With Mark’s club Deuces’ launch night round the corner, he becomes desperate to make sure it runs smoothly so hires Sam and Lydia to help out.

Kirk has a business meeting with Lauren P to entice her to DJ at the Sugarhut, but is soon interrupted when Sam catches them together and reports back to Amy.

After letting Mark go as their manager LOLA celebrate their recent success.

Amy and Kirk’s date turns out to be a success, Arg is depressed as he comes up with a plan to win his ex-girlfriend back, and Mark receives a shock when he takes Lucy out on a date - only to bump into Lauren G.

The series concluded on 10 November 2010 after ten episodes.

Amy hosts an Indian night with bad blood between her and Kirk when she finds out that he’s planning on taking Lauren P out on a date.

Meanwhile, Arg is delighted when he and Lydia make it official again.

The pressure is on for girl band LOLA as they perform at Lauren G’s birthday party in front of a Universal representative, and Lauren G is sickened to see Mark and Sam together.

The exes give each other some cold truths before Mark gives Lauren G a shock ultimatum over their relationship.

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