Ar ar dating of basalts

As well as the commonly mentioned active volcanoes in China, such as the volcanoes in Changbaishan, Yunnan Tengchong, Wudalianchi, Jingbohu, Longgang, and Yutian, they gave a systematic description for the volcanic geology in Hainan Island and Taiwan Island.

Leihuling Holocene volcanoes in Hainan Island represent the latest episodes of the Cenozoic volcanism in a series of Jinniuling episode, Duowenling episode, Dongying episode and Leihuling episode.

Datun volcano in Taiwan Island is one of the active volcanoes in China.

Song Shengrong introduced the main volcanic features of Datun volcano (in Liu Ruoxin eds, 2000, active volcanoes in China).

There has been a great progress in volcanology research in China since 1999.

Many Chinese scientists published their contributions in the physical and chemical understanding of volcanology, as well chronology and tectonic settings of the volcanoes.

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There are some research papers on the physical dynamic processes of the volcanic eruption from Tianchi volcano. (2000) summarized their physical simulating results about the ignimbrite-forming eruption at Tianchi volcano.The main progresses concerning volcanology and hazard mitigation are summarized in this report in titles as follows: Study on the active volcanoes of China, Research on physical volcanology and volcanic hazard, Volcanic chronology research, and Geophysical understanding and gas chemistry of volcano.There are several different active volcanoes in China mainland among the Holocene volcano belts.They concluded that the 10 were emitted to the air in the Millenium eruption. (2002) discussed the relationship between the volcanism and the uplifting history in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. (1999a, 1999b, 1999c) assessed the volcanic hazards of the Holocene volcanoes based on their geochemistry studies.From SEM analysis and chronology study of the tuffaceous deposits, Liang et al. After describing the general features for the active volcanoes in China, Wei et al.

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