Anonymity and online dating

More information is available in the Methods section at the end of this report.

86% of internet users have tried to use the internet in ways to minimize the visibility of their digital footprints The chart below shows the variety of ways that internet users have tried to avoid being observed online.

The malware landscape is characterised by its rapid and constant evolution.

Defenders often find themselves one step behind, resulting at best in monetary losses and in most extreme cases even endangering human lives.

Another set of questions focused on the kinds of “data exhaust” that is generated as a result of everyday forms of online communications, web surfing and application use.

Most internet users know that key pieces of personal information about them are available online—such as photos and videos of them, their email addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, home addresses, and the groups to which they belong.

The content of email messages and the people with whom one communicates via email are considerably more sensitive pieces of information when compared with other online activities and associated data trails.

CANToolz is an open-source framework for working with CAN bus.

We show how these methods can be used to learn from well known malware samples, generalise the behaviour and consequently find novel threats.

We illustrate the detection performance of each algorithm presenting real examples of malware detected by algorithms described in this work.

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