Anna wintour intimidating

Wintour is deciding exactly what punishment to dole out to the celebrity rule-breakers - and it may mean next year's Met Gala will be a Kardashian-free zone.

He was just a cliché security-looking guy — you could see him working for Britney Spears one day. But, then, I think the fact that he was so crazy led him to try to get us to all be mad at each other. Then, they left it to us to be the theft prevention."That's crazy, because the staff is so young and not trained for that! So, as soon as they have one foot out of the store, you can be like, 'Hey, you stole.' But, if they're still in the store and they have stuff in their bag, they're not stealing."So, you were left on your own after that. The store uses [theft-detecting] magnet security tags now, but they didn't when I worked there.Wintour, now named 69th on the most powerful women list by Forbes said to the magazine "I don't think of myself as intimidating.And I assure you that all the people who work for me on a day-to-day basis don't think that either."The Vogue U. editor has variously been called emotionally distant, cold and unapproachable has even earned the dubious soubriquet "Nuclear Wintour," reported the Mail Online.We took the same measures against everyone because I didn't want to profile anyone. I mean, my theory on stealing is that if they catch you for something small, like a T-shirt, the reason why they go through the effort of calling the police and going through it all in front of all of these people is so that the person who is stealing tells all of their friends, 'Guys, I was caught.' The word spreads that this is real. You just look behind the mirror for those tags no matter who it is — that really was the best way to catch someone."Did you ever get a crazy explanation for why someone had an unpaid item in their bag? The law actually says that a salesperson can't open your bag for you if you don't want to. There's a self-consciousness where they're scared, and they don't want to try it again." amount of merchandise, you wouldn't pursue legal action? If the merch was less than , we would say, 'Okay.

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