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Did the items that were most frequently stolen change from season to season? It was always the same: packaged T-shirts, leggings, underwear. A lot of people started to quit over that, and I think it was just because of the idea that we were being watched. They were used to watch us, because people had started getting fired for internal theft."Did a shoplifter that you confronted or apprehended ever come back and sue the store?

You'd think that anyone who has seen The Devil Wears Prada would know not to tick off Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour - but for some stars at this year's Met Gala, the urge to snap selfies was just too strong to resist, irrespective of the potential consequences. Wintour made the controversial decision to ban sharing inside photos on social media, however though certain A-listers couldn't resist posing for a few personal pictures and posting them on Instagram. Serial selfie taker: The night's biggest offender, Kim Kardashian (far right), posted this photo with husband Kanye West (right), Cher (left), and designer Marc Jacobs (far left) was one of many she shared that night That leaves stars including Kim, her little sister Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Madonna, Kerry Washington, and Lily Collins with just hours left to scrub their accounts of the evidence if they want a shot at returning next year.So, people would say, 'I have personal things in my bag, and you can't see them.' Some people would just say, 'You can't look through my bag. Give us back our stuff, and don't do it again.' If it was more, then it would be a problem."Do you know what happened to those people after? I'd imagine they received fairly light, community-service-type sentences if they hadn't made a career of stealing. They probably got booked for an hour and [were] then told, 'Okay, go, but don't do it again'."How did you feel about your role in that? We can take a picture." I was like, "No, I swear I don’t want to get in trouble,"' she said.In fact, some intimate snaps were meant to be shared from the event.

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