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In , Wharton professor Adam Grant argues that givers are actually the most successful of the 3 types.Givers build larger, more supportive networks; they inspire the most creativity from their colleagues; and they achieve the most successful negotiations.They offer favors to people whose help they want in the future. First, the recipients often feel like they’re being manipulated.This ends up feeling like a transaction more than a meaningful gesture.When people perceive the workplace as zero-sum and other people as matchers, they want to respond in kind. President Lincoln was a giver, known to be among the least self-centered US presidents.

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But in later clinical years, where teamwork is necessary, the givers perform better with their peers and patients. In the majority of the world’s cultures, survey takers rated giving as their most important value, above wealth, power, and pleasure.Examples of his giving include starting a blog and openly describing how venture capital works (thus giving away trade secrets and weakening their position over companies), and running a conference called The Lobby where other VC firms were invited to meet potential investee companies. [Reputation is important here – people will come to you with a preconception of what you’re there for, and match your style.If you’re known to be a taker, people will be wary of your every action and question your motives.Givers find ways to grow the pie and take their share of it.And yet givers also risk becoming spineless doormats.

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