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When people perceive the workplace as zero-sum and other people as matchers, they want to respond in kind. President Lincoln was a giver, known to be among the least self-centered US presidents.

In his first Senate run, he gave up his 2 place candidate (he believed this was better for the state).

Someone you help might unpredictably become your boss or client in the future.

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Givers build larger, more supportive networks; they inspire the most creativity from their colleagues; and they achieve the most successful negotiations.Venture capitalist David Hornik was cited as a main example of an inveterate giver.His reputation for being hardworking and helpful gives him a signing rate of 90%, compared to an average 50%.Plus, because most people professionally tend to be matchers, the “lower status” people you help as a giver tend to really appreciate your giving.Takers and matchers take advantage of the reciprocity tendency.

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