Andrew morley and kassandra clementi dating is chilli still dating ben

The problem with Maddy’s perfectionist outlook is that, if she doesn’t think she can succeed at something, she won’t try it.

She’s incredibly warm and accepting of everyone’s shortcomings except her own." Clementi described Maddy as being "an energetic and very loving young girl who is mature and wise beyond her 16 years.

Parker was pleased with fostering themed storylines because the show was about "giving people with nowhere to go a home".She befriends Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) who is upset over his ex-girlfriend Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti).She decides to comfort him and tries to seduce him.Following this the character begins to misbehave and is involved in a car accident.The writers then paired her up with new character Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) and their relationship dramas took Maddy through into her second year in the series.

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