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Prior to the events of the game he and Amy had been dating for a few year, much to his overbearing father, Osher’s disapproval.

However when he loses his memories of Amy in the accident, Osher and Aaron’s ex, Abigail, conspire to keep the happy couple apart.

Always Remember Me is an Otome-based, Visual Novel, Single and Dating Simulation developed and published by Winter Wolves.

The game offers heart-touching story, in which, Amy (the protagonist) is desperate for her boyfriend.

Explore the game world, interact with other NPCs, and find action what you want to perform, find someone else to date and maybe she falls in fall with another person. Always Remember Me offers key features such as Four Characters, Detailed Simulation, Relationship System, High Replayability, Lots of Stats (Romance, Money, Morale, Creativity, and Culture), and more. Love and Order is an Addictive Visual Novel, Otome, Single-player and Dating Simulation developed and published by Winter Wolves.

There is four datable characters such as Hugh, Aaron, Eddy, and Lawrence. The game is set in the small district of Montreal and allows the player to get into the role of the protagonist named as Dana Larose, who is a female.

Unfortunately, Osher and Abigail are always on hand to cockblock Amy’s attempts at every turn.

I had a hard time deciding which of them I hated the most, they are both equally horrible…

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going to the disco pub can only be done at night, while talking with Amy’s Aunt Gwenda can only be completed during the daylight hours).I don’t own these images or characters, they belong to Winter Wolves.The thoughts and opinions presented in this post are my own, it’s fine if you don’t agree with me, but be respectful when commenting (I’m open to all opinions here). This was my first ever English otome game and I have fond memories of this game to this day.Once you take away his amnesia, there just wasn’t much left of Aaron as a character, he was just another pretty face…As for the endings, well they’re just as sugary sweet as you’d imagine *spoiler alert* Aaron regains his memories!

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