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If you merely treat the symptoms without fighting the disease, you’ll soon be back in crisis mode in your marriage.”Why was your marriage pushed to the point that the act that forced you to lose trust even happened in the first place?

Acknowledge this reason and work toward strengthening that point in your marriage as you work towards rebuilding your trust.

The first thing that you both must do is identify why you have lost your trust. Sometimes we have lost our trust because of major things like an affair or cheating of some sort.

Other times it is possibly not as huge of an issue but still something that needs to be resolved like you or your spouse continually saying that they will do something and never following through with the promises.

Love each other, work with one another and know that over time, if you both want to, you can regain trust.Living in a world where marriage is sometimes not as highly valued as it should be, we are proud to represent strong marriages and help all of those around us try to strengthen theirs as well.Sometimes however, it takes more than just a fun date night to get your marriage back on track.While we would love to say that we are experts in all things marriage there are many out there more studied than we are.We have turned to multiple resources for this post, here is a list of our resources.

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