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The first thing that you both must do is identify why you have lost your trust. Sometimes we have lost our trust because of major things like an affair or cheating of some sort.Other times it is possibly not as huge of an issue but still something that needs to be resolved like you or your spouse continually saying that they will do something and never following through with the promises.Living in a world where marriage is sometimes not as highly valued as it should be, we are proud to represent strong marriages and help all of those around us try to strengthen theirs as well.Sometimes however, it takes more than just a fun date night to get your marriage back on track. You need to be able to rely on them no matter what. Being able to truly trust your spouse means everything in a relationship.

Acknowledge this reason and work toward strengthening that point in your marriage as you work towards rebuilding your trust.

Focus on the fact that perhaps this relationship ended so that another one can begin.

It may be hard to imagine right now but there’s someone out there who’s even better for you.

This way you both know the black and white of the situation and know “that commitment must be followed up with thoughtful and honest behavior.” The last point that we would like to share is LOVE!

Remind one another not only of three things that you appreciate about them from that day, but also that you love each other enough that you want to work past this bump .

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    Whilst we now understand why the pair ended, it doesn’t make the break up any easier to deal with.