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Nagarjuna, who was already married to his second wife Amala, constantly denied the relationship he had with Tabu.As a prominent actor-producer and TV presenter, Nagarjuna did not want to destroy his image.Moreover, she has stated that you will never know the true meaning of it until you experience it.It also seems that Tabu is now in search for a new inspiration.She’s open to anyone who can give her not just a luxurious life but is also open to being a loving husband and father.Tabu is open for marriage but she does not think that it is necessary yet.When asked whether or not she wants kids, Tabu explained that it is natural for women to give birth, be they married or not.

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This director-producer was then coping with his loss of his beloved wife when this rumor arouse.

The two parted ways and since then they were no longer talking to each other off screen.

After Prem, they’ve worked together in the movie Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar where Tabu played the role of a journalist, Kamya Lal, while Sanjay Kapoor was in charge of cinematography.

She said that until someone who is supportive and is willing to be with her through ups and downs arrives, her doors are open.

She does not feel the need to be tied up with someone right now.

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