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Thomas Aquinas and other Catholic thinkers, between natural and revealed religion.The Bible contains not only revealed but also natural religion, free from error and with Divine sanction.

Special attention is directed to the list of the best modern non-Catholic commentaries in English [V (3)]. Whoever had not seen it was not supposed to have beheld the glory of Israel.As this difficulty must have frequently presented itself to the minds of his coreligionists, he endeavoured to meet it by saying that all that was great in Socrates, Plato, etc. He set about reconciling Pagan philosophy with the Old Testament, and for this purpose he made extensive use of the allegorical method of interpretation.Many passages of the Pentateuch were not intended to be taken literally. He did not hit upon the distinction, made later by St.They devoted their energies to arranging the Unwritten Torah, or Law.One of the most successful at this was Rabbi Akiba who took part in the revolt of Bar-Kokba, against the Romans, and lost his life (135).

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