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Tomorrow may never come, but we have today, save yesterday for memories and not fuel for fights. 💗💗💗 California I’m writing this on Easter so this’ll probably show up tomorrow or in a few days. It has been a really long time and it doesn’t feel like it’s possible. I slowly became more suicidal and started cutting myself, it got bad so then I chose to stop after a while.

I guess I just needed to share this, and there is so much more I could say but I know this is probably too long as it is… We don’t even have a rehab in this county, they try to give the addicts suboxone or metahdone for treatment, only options around here, unless you have a lot of money to send them off to a private rehab somewhere else…. I will never forget you my sunshine, always promise to cherish your print on this world and all the happiness you brought everyone’s life. Tre problem is that so many people have this problem you might not even know if it’s happening in your home or somee close to you. This girl in my city was my first and only girlfriend all through high school. Over 14 years later she’s gets ahold of me after all this time with a problem crying. Now mind you I went grim being a dealer back then at 16 in my own place to owning a business with a new born and haven’t even seen a drug in years. But told her i wild hide 300 bucks outside for her to get a safe room and food for the weekend. He wouldn’t call 911 and he was caught on camera at 711 at 1140 pm hitting her bad. At the time of his arrest he had swallowed a large quantity of cocaine in a baggy to avoid being caught.

Come to find out it was her birthday that night and she was trying to get away from her boyfriend that was beating her. While being arrested he was yelling that he had swallowed something and needed to go to the hospital.

The police don’t care, have not even questioned the wife, that left him to die, or the guy that was knocking on his window.

I am devastated and don’t know what to do or where to turn. NMB, SC USA This message goes in loving memory to Cody Anderson, I miss you ever single day and night my love . How many people might i kill or hurt today with this product I’m selling them. Cape coral florida USA My cousin passed away this past January (2018) of an overdose.

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