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Batters try to hit a pitched ball out of reach of the fielding team and run a complete circuit around the bases for a run.

If a game is tied, extra innings are played until the tie is broken.

The Rays (97–65) won the AL East by two games over Boston (95–67), which secured the wild-card berth with the best record of any second-place team.

The White Sox won the AL Central by defeating the Minnesota Twins 1–0 in a play-off game to break a regular-season tie for first place.

Garza was voted ALCS MVP with a 2–0 record, having also won game three.

The Rays scored on a fourth-inning double by AL Rookie of the Year Evan Longoria, who hit home runs in a record four consecutive ALCS games, and Baldelli's run-scoring single in the fifth.

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