Adult chat lines for america americans

I think as March gets closer, I will look into opening a new account at a different bank, one who encourages customers to come to their office.

I looked at Karen in disbelief and my landlord on the phone asked what was going on and if she was serious.I guit Bof A years ago but still have 2 equity loans with them, however, the constantly deposit funds in the wrong accounts and charge me late fees and added interest on “amount over due” . No customer service and when you eventually find a live human they never get back to you, nor do they return the calls. Martin Attorney at Law PO Box 27526 Omaha, NE 68127 [email protected] (402) 980-2200 Reply these huge enterprises have a lot to learn, you can’t pay minimum wage to under educated, rural people and expect to get cadillacs. the people who do the training should be retrained or fired for not establishing good honest practices with the people they are training.Should anyone one from Bof A wish to respond (I doubt they read these comments) my name and email address s listed above. I have no bankruptcies, I asked for a much lower APR and was told this is the best I can do. If 18% is the best you can do, why do I want to keep my credit purchase and cash advance business with you. i find customer service individuals make up answers if they don’t have an answer or try to double talk you and blindside you. if you don’t have an answer then say so and get an answer instead of lying!!Tagged as: bank of america corporate headquarters, bank of america corporate office, bank of america corporate office address, bank of america corporate office number, bank of america corporate office phone number, bank of america headquarters, bank of america main office Correct – no customer service whatsoever.All you get is “your call is important to us” but the wait time ALWAYS is over 20 minutes – 7 am or 7 pm. integrity, pride, honesty are not words in their vocabulary and they pretty much don’t know what these words mean.

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