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She wishes she’d worked sooner — back then, women were expected to stay at home with their children.

Having two wages doesn’t give us a lavish lifestyle, it just means we don’t worry about money so much and can enjoy the odd foreign holiday.

She lives with husband Ed, 37, a delivery driver, and children Mia, ten, and Oskar, four.

I don’t expect the Government to pay me to stay at home, but if childcare was subsidised I could work three days a week, which would be the perfect balance.

The children go to after-school club on the days I work and do lots of activities they enjoy, including Beavers, Brownies, tap dancing, football and theatre club.

Lina Karpiniene, 36, works full-time as a processing administrator at Cambridge University Hospital.

Lauren Dawson, 33, works four days a week as a pharmacy technician.

She lives with husband Simon, 39, an electrical engineer, and children Khloe, six, and Lili, two, and is expecting her third child next spring.

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