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We first met him as a young lad in 2001 when Ken’s daughter Susan brought him for a visit.

It was revealed then that Adam was actually the son of Mike Baldwin from when he was married to Susan.

He would then sell his share to Liam Connor and a new era at Underworld was underway.Adam developed a crush on Sarah Platt (we wonder if he might have his eye on her again? ) but had a relationship with her mate Candice Stowe (played by Nikki Sanderson who is now better known as Maxine Minniver in Hollyoaks).Not the brightest bulb in the box initially, Adam got into a scrape with Candice when their car erupted in flames during a drive and it was revealed that he had put petrol into a car requiring diesel. He was much sharper when he started working at Underworld under the adoring eye of his dad Mike, something which enraged boss Danny Baldwin (played by Bradley Walsh), who grew envious of Adam being the apple of Mike’s eye.I was depressed, and my friends were trying to set me up all the time.After a bad date, they’d ask, ‘What are you looking for?

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