Actual transsexual dating stories

(One trans person countered this suggestion by pointing out that if you reveal this part of your identity before meeting someone, like on a dating app profile, you run the risk of them wanting to hook up with you as a sexual experiment.

—When to Tell DEAR WHEN TO TELL, While your gender identity may not be all that interesting or new to you, keep in mind that many people have never met, much less dated, someone who is transgender.) I myself fall into the share-sooner-rather-than-later camp.I am a big believer, regardless of gender identity, that it is important to choose people in your life who can appreciate all of who you are.But it's important to feel like you're being upfront, especially before becoming intimate, whether emotionally or physically.If the idea of talking about this part of yourself begins to occupy your thoughts, it's probably a good time to share.

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