Accommodating the medical use of marijuana

Genetics: Unknown speculated to be of Kush, Hash Plant or Nepali x Thai decent(Indica Dominant) Gardener Profile(s): Private, Professional Flower Time: 9 weeks Yield: Below Average-Average Potency/Benefits: Very High Skill Level: Intermediate Notes: The legendary strain that started all the kush and diesel crazy.Indica dominant in its growing structure, Chem Dawg produces frosty kolas from its short, squat structure carrying with them some of the most powerful smells in the Cannabis family.Her Hawaiian haze influence rewards skill in training the plant to maximize yield, as well as accommodating her flower time to fully mature.Genetics: Blueberry x Super Silver Haze(Sativa Dominant) Gardener Profile(s): Private, Professional, Commercial Flower Time: 9-10 weeks Yield: Very Heavy Potency/Benefits: High Skill Level: Beginner Notes: Fruit tangy hazy flavors and a purely connoisseur's uplifting, happy effect are just two of the characteristics that make Blue Dream an excellent choice for growers and patients alike.Some strains are clearly familiar and readily available, while others are a bit more obscure and harder to find.

Cinderella seems to find her way into improving almost every strain she is crossed with such as the Cinex used in this photo.Give her an extra week in to get settled and distressed after transplanting as she can be a very slow starter, but once she gets going, watch out!!!Avoiding large temperature fluctuation is a must if she is to perform at peak levels and she enjoys large amount of P and K late in flower.The result is a plant specifically bred for indoor gardening.This medium height beauty features heavy, long, resin-covered kolas on well-supported branches.

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