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The Tenants shall dispose of all waste material generated during the rental period in a lawful manner and put the trash in the bins along the curb during their stay for pickup.

Tenant is cautioned not to leave trash for long periods of time because it attracts animals and pest.

Tenant agrees to have a responsible adult supervising minor while they swim in the pool.

Tenant is hereby notified that the pool can be dangerous and tenant accepts fully the risks involved.

Its super design, record height, luxury apartments - that's what the Princess Tower, which is a prime example of architectural innovation in Dubai.

Skyline Princess Tower - this is another architectural marvel in Dubai.

Toilet paper, soap, dish detergent, laundry soap, shampoos and the consumables are to be purchased by the Tenant.The balance of all deposits will be refunded within 1 week from date possession is delivered to Landlord or his or her authorized agent, together with a statement showing any charges made against such deposits.Cleaning services are available for addition charges.Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for termination of this agreement and Tenants shall then immediately vacate the premises.Quiet hour stars at 10 PM and noise should be kept to a minimum.

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