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Mark would have to dribble a basketball without looking at it while reciting multiplication tables; practice baseball swings in a batting cage while answering questions about the periodic table and similar combined drills that his father hoped would develop quick thinking and self-confidence that would guide Mark in all areas of life and not simply sports.By the time Sanchez entered the eighth grade, he had developed an interest in football but was unsure of what position to play.Although solid osmium is unaffected by air at room temperature, the powder will give off osmium tetroxide, a strong oxidizer, highly toxic, with a characteristic odor (hence the metal's name).Osmium is slightly more dense than iridium, so osmium is often credited as being the heaviest element (calculated density ~ 22.61).A well-regarded prospect, Sanchez committed to Southern California following his successful high school career in which he led his team to a championship title during his senior season.At USC, Sanchez was relegated as the backup quarterback during his first three years though he rose to prominence due to his brief appearances on the field in 2007 due to injuries suffered by starting quarterback John David Booty.

Osmium may also be found in nickel-bearing ores with other platinum metals.He was released from jail the following day and suspended.On June 3, 2006, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office announced no charges would be filed, and Sanchez was reinstated, though he was disciplined by the football team for underage drinking and using false identification on the night he was arrested.Sanchez was named football player of the year by several major college recruiting services and was considered the top quarterback in the nation upon the conclusion of his high school football career in 2005.In April 2006, Sanchez was arrested after a female USC student accused him of sexual assault.

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