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A 100% match means that it has the exact same tags in the exact same order, while a 0% match means it has no tags in common.

With Mobile Aware, Everbridge clients can access their system from any location – even under adverse network conditions - to securely send a new notification to Groups or Individuals, launch a scena… Every one of the over 30 recipes in this app is extremely simple to make and has 5 ingredients or less.

This app also includes a search feature, that allow…

Welcome to the Lost Temple of Jewels, a fast-paced matching puzzle for all ages.

Including four game modes (endless, time attack, clear and puzzle), the game changes its rules and only allows you to swap the jewels by moving them horizontally, not vertically. Various setup of the picture to be used, the number of masses, etc. The main functions * Picture selection * Refer to picture history * The number of horizontal masses : 3-6 * The number of vertical masses : 3-6 * Times of shuffle : 30, 50, 100 * Empty mass position:lower right, random * Mass pause line :… FLY is FUN simplify flight preparation and improve situation awareness during flight, providing information on airspaces, reporting points, position on moving map, elevation, frequencies, railway, weather info …

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