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Next, students work together to recognize some of the key differences between in-person bullying and cyber bullying, and identify strategies for dealing responsibly with cyber bullying.

Then the class reflects on their current digital footprint and thinks about what they would like their digital footprint to be in the future.

In grades K-2, lessons are taught by the classroom teacher.

The focus in kindergarten is how we use technology to communicate and communicating kindly.

Over all I wouldn't buy this app again or even download it if it was free.

Next, students discuss the power of words online and generate solutions for dealing with hurtful online behavior, including cyber bullying.It did have a few romantic pictures like flowers and chocolate boxes in it but this app isn't worth any amount of money.It also gave some relationship/sex advice that was ok but to me it seemed like common since some of it said don't talk to your partner about what you would like during sex or when your about to go to bed so your partner would be more open mined.Really though if you want to use a pick up line your better off just searching google or something at least there would be more.All this app really does is save you time for texting someone and you can't even alter what it says.

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