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Alexander had planned to settle Greek colonists on Bahrain, and although it is not clear that this happened on the scale he envisaged, Bahrain became very much part of the Hellenised world: the language of the upper classes was Greek (although Aramaic was in everyday use), while Zeus was worshipped in the form of the Arabian sun-god Shams.

Bahrain even became the site of Greek athletic contests.

An alternate theory with regard to Bahrain's toponymy is offered by the al-Ahsa region, which suggests that the two seas were the Great Green Ocean (the Persian Gulf) and a peaceful lake on the Arabian mainland.

Another supposition by al-Jawahari suggests that the more formal name Bahri (lit.

"belonging to the sea") would have been misunderstood and so was opted against.

In 2011, the country experienced protests inspired by the regional Arab Spring.

Bahrain had the first post-oil economy in the Persian Gulf.

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