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In the light of projected peak demand of 85 GWe by 2050, its main scenario called for 14.5 GWe of new nuclear plant online by 2035, and nuclear supplying 31% of demand in 2050.

Different scenarios concerning electric vehicles increase peak demand by 6 GWe, 11 GWe or 18 GWe by 2050 depending on when the majority are charged, and assuming 7 k W charging (30 amps).

The last operating Magnox reactor – Wylfa 1 – shut down in December 2015.

This left seven twin-unit AGR stations and one PWR, all owned and operated by a subsidiary of France's EDF called EDF Energy.

Note that in the main capacity figures published, those for wind and solar are adjusted to allow for intermittency, by a factor of 0.43 for wind and 0.17 for solar PV, hence 'declared net capacity' (DNC) – “the nominal maximum capability of a generating set to supply electricity to consumers”.

The 78.3 GWe total above is thus less than the sum of the individual actual capacities.

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In 2015 the France link ran at 81% capacity and the Netherlands one at 91%.

The energy secretary said: "Opponents of nuclear misread the science. The challenge, as with other low carbon technologies, is to deliver nuclear power which is low cost as well. “We are dealing with a legacy of under-investment and with Hinkley Point C planning to start generating in the mid-2020s, this is already changing.

It is imperative we do not make the mistakes of the past and just build one nuclear power station.

North Sea oil and gas has been a major energy and revenue source for the UK, but resources are in decline.

The looming decommissioning cost is likely to be in excess of £30 billion, with the government liable for 60% of this.

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